@vanities (11385)
Davao, Philippines
February 2, 2007 9:33pm CST
in what unusual ways do some animals protect themselves from danger?? any ideas...
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@kerbausama (1338)
• Malaysia
3 Feb 07
it is istinct. ..
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• United States
3 Feb 07
Hi! A very unique way in which animals protect themselves is through camouflage. Example of this is the chameleon which changes its color to mimic the color of the surroundings making it invisible to the predator. Another is having certain features that would make the predator avoid them, like the bad smell of the skunk. There are many more but these are the ones that really amazes me about animals.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
1 Apr 07
I have heard that some animals release a deadly poison on their enemies when they are threaten. Sankes for example spit venom at you for their protection.