How do you feel about Nuclear Energy?

United States
February 2, 2007 9:48pm CST
Nuclear Energy... The world is currently running out of fossil fuels. We aren't there yet, but theres limited supply. We need to make the switch to different energy, does nuclear energy hold the key? How do you feel about it? I personally like Nuclear Energy. For the most part, its pretty safe. Sure, there have been a few accidents here and there, but its pretty safe for whats involved really. I think nuclear energy can become the new big thing. Its cost efficient. (Its expensive, but it produces a ton of energy) and it doesn't cause much pollution, and we're working on ways to rid it. Its potentially dangerous, but everything has its risks, and nuclear energy has many more pros than it does cons. How do you feel about nuclear energy? What do you think will be powering the world in 100 years? Or even 50? I don't think solar power or wind power have enough "umph" to them, they just can't meet the demands of the world's energy supply.
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