Your view concerning polygamy

February 2, 2007 10:24pm CST
lately, happened many pros and contra concerning polygamy, for the man who have known " polygamous him respecting" they not even a little is the problem of, how according to your?
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• United States
3 Feb 07
I'm sorry, I had a hard time understanding your question, but here is my view of polygamy. I live in a part of the US where it is still practiced, a surprising amount. The problem with it here is people being very irresponsible about it, marrying off daughters to much, much older men at ages far too young to be married, and against their will, and other people having so many children and wives they can't support them all, and they depend on our welfare system to support them instead. If all the parties are of legal age, agree to the arrangement, and are able to support their families without the help of tax dollars, I don't care how they choose to live, different things work for different people. In my marriage, however, I am the one and only wife, and will be staying that way!