FlyFF Version 7

February 3, 2007 12:30am CST
eFlyFF was just updated to Version 7 PhFlyff is going to be on March. Those who are playing eFlyFF, what can you say about the new Version. Do the new skill system really sucks? How about Bow Jesters, are they nerfed? Anything good or bad about this update? I play PhFlyff so I need to know.
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• Canada
5 Feb 07
hmm, the new system is really good for me cuz i play blade. The point system switch means i can max all my buffs and skip the useless skills that blade don't even use xD. The result? maxed buff and other goodie and hundred extra points.. It's bad i guess if you are starting fresh, cuz u can't spam anymore =(. BJ are still great, since you don't need that many skills. The only job that might be "nerfed" are the assist and mage class because they use skill points a lot... hey btw new games are coming on galanet =P called CORUM Online i think...
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
Nice to know that the new skill system benefited blades, because I have one also, I have a puredex acro on the making and I hope by the time V7 is implemented in PhFlyff, I have a Bow Jester waiting. By the time I downloaded Corum Client, closed beta was over. Ill wait for the release this Feb. 15, then I'll try to play it.
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
what? no more spamming of skills? i have like 2 assist characters and a blade. by the way the point system will be based on level right? coz i kinda have like all my chars at 8x
• Philippines
20 Feb 07
it's not based on level i think, it's based on the amount of exp your skills have.
@OmukasX (21)
• Lithuania
10 Apr 07
Im playing PFLyFF new skill system are not so bad ....
@Zalvor (728)
• Turkey
13 Mar 07
I was really addicted to this game and played it quite frequently...until version 7 was launched. The first thing I had to do was to re-distribute my skill points, and I couldn't remember exactly what they were, so I re-distributed them as I saw fit. However there was a problem...When I continued the game, my sxp was around 1%, and would not get back to 100% when I killed a monster. So I killed many...many many monsters to reach 100% again, and I hoped it would go normal then. (You can't advance in skills if your sxp is not 100%) Unfortunately my skills screen never restored. Recently they removed the sxp altogether, so my hopes were renewed, but it's basically still the same skills screen. I still have the game installed, but admit playing it very rarely...