selling ones soul for almighty dollar/destroying workers rights

United States
February 3, 2007 1:04am CST
When did american sell their souls to big business. If we know the employer we are working for is breaking the law endangering public safety and putting people at risk. Why would castrate the whistle blowing protection laws to a part that they are just lip service. A old employer a local college exposes people to black mold and are allowed to cause fibromylgia amd lupus to student and teacher and the state covers it up . Because of dollars.??? While the same people parade back and forth to church in SUV and fancy cars bought with money that should have fixed these buildings for our children. Then big business is allowed to lie about unnessarily about frivolous lawsuits hurting the American GNP protecting their fat CORPORATE bonus. We gave the airlines 40/Billion in bail outs and THEY put people on run ways for up to 11 hours waiting with out food or water/NOW LETS HEAR IT FOR FLYER"S RIGHTS TWICE DEFEATED BY CONGRESS LOBBY GROUPS(What has the war done for our kids but make Haliburton/Boeing/ and the oil business rich) protect their bottom lines. Fact we are at the lowest lawsuit rate ever because working people much like fish in the oceans are becoming endangered species.While rail about illegal immigration they spend are kids future by giving us some else blame and dislike I for one want our souls backl.
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