losing first love is like...?

@haloamar (157)
February 3, 2007 1:15am CST
Wat is losing first love like ??
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• India
3 Feb 07
loosing first love is full of pain .. if u had truly loved her/him .. i loved a girl.. no no i am loving her now also.. fate no contact ... not able to see..i am far away from her.. no idea what she is doing now .. but still i love her.. anyway i conclude that u will not be able to forget the first love
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• Philippines
3 Feb 07
When I lost my first love I felt like I can't love and trust anyone anymore because It's too painful
@kash_if (201)
• Pakistan
3 Feb 07
When u loose your first love ... then its like nothing is left for you in your life.. like that you have lost every thing and now there was nothing to loose any more ... you feel like you have been tricked ... ? you gave her so much but in return got nothing ... ? just a bang with a ditch ... the feeling is pretty strong and can change someone completely .. then you regret it as you should hae known about this in the first place ... you miscalculated her love and fell into imaginary paradises with her without even knowing what was on her mind at that moment... ? was she really made for you no. . ? but many people dont get this message of moving along instead of looking back .. and they keep on regretting on the same history that when will she return .... no she will never return .... this is hw we feel when we loose our first love .. :)