can internet really ruin your social life?

@nyka08 (411)
February 3, 2007 1:24am CST
usually, i spend around 4 hours surfing the net, chatting, reading emails, making postings in mylot, and checking my friendster and tagged accounts. before was worse. when ragnarok, an online game, became popular here in the philippines, i got so addicted in the game, i can sit in front of the computer the whole day playing. sometimes, i tend to skip meals or stay up late just to finish what i'm doing. i could remember my sister saying that i have no more social life. i regret the days that i've spent lesser time with my family and friends just because of this. but thank God that those days were over. i have limited myself in spending too much time in the internet. anyway, i believe that internet should be used in more appropriate and productive ways.what about you, do you think the internet could affect your physical and social life?
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• India
3 Feb 07
well, it can really ruin someones social life if they cann't balance the equality between them. if you stay totally out of social life and just surfing all day then its really goin to ruin your social life. so, keep balancing between them.
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
3 Feb 07
Yes it does effect my social life, I prefer to stay at home and surf the net than to go out and meet friends, I go out much less than before now..
• Canada
3 Feb 07
Yes , I believe it could . I am on here quite a bit and I know sometimes this really bothers my husband and the same goes for me when I feel he is on it too much . When we had both our computers hooked up , we would refuse to go out to a friends house and prefer to sit home on the computer and play games or whatever .