whose to blame?

February 3, 2007 3:45am CST
i fried porkchops for lunch as i was doing so, our landphone rang. ofcourse i should answer it. i shouted & informed my house help to watch over my cooking. she then said "ok, i will"... all the while i though she's there attending to it. as i was talking to the fone, i smell burning chops... GDI! its my pork chops burning like hell! i exclaimed loudy "where the heck are you, ____ ??" she came rushing & said "sorry, i forgot to do so.. since you asked me to watch over kiko (my nephew), i forgot you asked me to watch your frying" we ended up eating corned beef for lunch.. :( with that answer from her, who am i to blame? is it my fault?
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
3 Feb 07
generally, the thing to do when cooking and the phone rings is to turn the stove off, even if you ask someone else to watch it. the other person doesn't know how you like your food cooked,so is not capable of deciding when its done. I'd just let the phone ring.and then return the call later.
• Philippines
3 Feb 07
nice point there. but i cant let go of the call. its an important call.. so im to blame? :( hhuhuhuhu
@navikh333 (529)
• India
3 Feb 07
actually even there a mistake on your part also .dont feel bad that i am telling you this.my policy is my work should be done only by myself.in rare cases i ask others help.your house help was also having so many works so she couldnt concentrate on what you said. instead you could have done like this - when the phone rang you could have taken the pork off the stove and attend the phone.