Do you feel Tony Blair should go ?

February 3, 2007 4:08am CST
Prime Minister Tony Blair has refused to resign over an intensifying “cash-for-honors“ police probe despite fears within his Labour Party about its “corrosive“ political fallout. Blair, who has pledged to stand down before September but not before July, told the BBC Friday he intends to continue with his policy reform agenda until handing over to his successor in the party, AFP reported. However, the main opposition Conservative Party has called for him to quit and top Labour figures are openly worrying about the probe’s damaging impact now that Blair has been questioned by police for a second time as a witness. The probe launched in March 2005 is trying to establish if the Labour Party and other parties illegally offered people seats in parliament’s unelected upper chamber, the House of Lords, in return for financial assistance. How do you find the stand of Mr.Blair ? Is he right to stick on to the chair being Prime Minister of the country where Democracy has taken birth ?
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@kate44 (100)
22 Mar 07
Yep i think its about time he should leave! Not the best prime minister we have had!
21 Mar 07
No , I think he is better than brown , his mistake is he wanna be tail of USA & he is not having any other way to accpet wat USA says.
@123bart (303)
11 Feb 07
I never liked him from day one. At the time everyone liked him and now they mostly agree with me, it wasn't difficult to see that he never had much of a clue.
8 Feb 07
I think it would be best for the country if he left sooner rather than later. But they will probably have to drag him out of 10 Downing Street kicking and screaming. He seems to eager to secure some sort of success before he walks off into the horizon. I think the time has come for him to do the right thing and start his next career on the lecture circuit. Or perhaps a nice long holiday in some ageing hipster's mansion somewhere abroad.
@totalguy (563)
3 Feb 07
although im not too up on politics i think he should go i dont like him at all he has seemingly been the worst prime minister ive known to be in power and i know as far back as margret thatcher. trouble is if they get rid of him theres nothing really to say that the next person is going to do a better job than he did. they all lie and break promises they cant keep which ever party they are in this iswhy i never vote because who ever you vote for theyre bound to do something wrong at some point so whats the point in the first place? plus you have to start getting into politics a bit more to know whats going on before you even think about it.