henan china

funiu montain  - enjoy its beauty of nature
February 3, 2007 7:26am CST
henan , always the most prosperous place in history, is located at the centre of china . It in cludes the four of the famous eight ancient capitals,so you can feel its weight in culture . the evidence is countless places of historial intersts are spread over the entire province . shaolin temple is the origin of chinese kungfu . for example,my hometown is located in nanyang in henan province,zhugeliang as symbol of wisdom in china ever worked and studyied there, zhang heng as the great scientist adn literaturist in dong han dynasty also grew up in nanyang, natural beauty is another hit to henan province,Funiu montain passes across the whole territory of henan and has benn honoured as world geology garden, where dinosaur egg fossil has been found
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