living in before marriage?

February 3, 2007 9:20am CST
Ever since before, I agree to living in first with your partner before marriage. I think it is better for me to really now first your partner before tying the knot. Imagine that being with a stranger for the rest of your life. What if it wouldn't work and you are already married? What if she or he snores a lot and that couldn't make you sleep? Or that if he or she has a lot of habits that you can't just accept? What do you think about this?
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@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
3 Feb 07
my boyfriend and i moved in together after going out for 4 months. It just felt right and we have been together for 9 months now. Things are going great. We have our disagreements but know that the arguments aren't worth rising our love for each other. His parents are very religious and have said that the sooner we get married the sooner we can ask jesus to forgive our sins (for living together before marriage??). You honestly CAN NOT know what someone's like until you live with them. Even your partner. I think it's crucial to live together before marrying. The tiniest little things can cause such great tension. Somethign as simple as who's going to put the garbage out, or who does the dishes and who cleans the toilet etc. I think the hardest part of a live-in relationship is learning to live with the person so i think marrying before living with the person is a dangerous idea.