Naruto's love interest?

@Beowulf (552)
February 3, 2007 6:04pm CST
Would you like Naruto to fall for Hinata or Sakura? Sakura is the most beautiful person for Naruto as the series progress but we see that there's a love triangle. Naruto loves Sakura while Sakura loves Sasuke, eventhough Sasuke and Naruto kissed, Sasuke dont love Naruto (I hate that part when they kissed). Secretly, Hinata loves Naruto. She always blush whenever Naruto is near and its really hard for her to confess her love for him. She secretly admired Naruto that she even became strong because she was inspired with Naruto's way of ninja. She even used that line, "this is my way of being a ninja", I guess Naruto should have known that Hinata likes him but as we know he's really slow. His very naive though, its very hard for him to know that someone likes him. If you would ask me, I want Naruto to return the love Hinata feels for him. I want them to fall in love. Would you like Naruto to love Hinata in return for her admiration to Naruto or would you still choose Sakura?