drinking age?

United States
February 3, 2007 10:15pm CST
Should the drinking age be lowered to 18? I think it should...if your old enough to defend your country you should damn well be allowed to go in a bar or club and relax and have a beer,,, what do you think?
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@aag2185 (35)
• India
25 May 07
ya i feel its all fine if a person knws his/her cousomary limits .....if this is der then no matter wid the age ..........and i feel some respect shd be there tht not to drink in front of elders if ...he/she is below 18
• Janesville, Wisconsin
25 May 07
I think they should have a special class and a licencing registration and a limit on drinking by body weight.... Instead of doing the age thing... Sort of like a drivers licence instead.. But Instead of banning or prohibiting substances that are being abused, teach people and encourage them not to abuse these substances, then we could remove the age limits etc... According to some notes I took, and I no longer have the orginal sources... Changing the drinking age to 21 in Wisconsin, USA has lowered drunk driving issues. "A Feburary report issued by the Wisconsin Department of transporation examined the rate of drivers involved in crashes, compare the 12 months preceding Sept. 1, 1986, with the same period in 1992 - 93 . The study showed that the rate for 19-year olds declined by 71 percent. The rate for 20 year olds declined by 76 percent. However, the rate for drivers age 21 or older declined by 34 percent. Critics of the law, myself included, pointed to the decline among the over 21 group as evidence that other factors were responsible, such as increased awareness legal penalities for drunk driving." I personally beleive it is age discrimination against legal adults. I believe that as soon as a person reaches adulthood they should be allowed to drink. I think if they want to do something with the problem they should have a type of drinking licence, for both the sellers, and the buyers.. So that enough can not be sold to put someone at risk, if they must ban, prohit, or do a system at all with it. I think also if they took away the age limit, and people were taught how to drink and use it responsibly, as they grew up, there would be less accidents, and abuse of it in general... - DNatureofDTrain