February 3, 2007 11:07pm CST
Have you ever thought why we study History and what is the acutual need for studying it?
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• Philippines
26 May 10
For us to understand what had happened in the past and not by memorizing details of the past. The common misconception of history is that some teachers are likely to let students memorize the names, places, dates of the past and its not that easy to store all that ideas in your mind. I mean, it would be appropriate to let students understand why and how it happened rather than let them memorize..
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
25 May 10
Well history is my favorite subject, i think we need to know about our past world and great arts!
@Autisteek (326)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
In order to shape your future will be, you have to look back and contemplate about the significant events of the past. This is where history comes in. history classes isnt intended to stuff your brain with dates, names and other bits of information. It is there to help you see the development of the human society, their culture, diversity, and contribution to our world today. In looking back, you will realize, on one hand, how much we have moved forward and what we still lack, on the other hand. Knowing these will urge you to think critically and assess yourself, your society and your significant role to the development of the race.
• United States
4 Feb 07
yes I have. When I was a kid I wondered why needed to know what happened years ago, now that I am adult I realize that we learn to see how far we've come, the people who made a difference and the mistakes we've made. We also learn customs and beliefs, of other countries and how they can be.really Without history you have no future. You have to know where you've been to know where you are going!