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February 4, 2007 1:18am CST
What do you consider as wealthy? Being able to pay for what you need? Having enough to invest? Having enough to throw away? Do you consider yourself wealthy? I'm asking because we have a bit of money saved but not a ton. Some people I know have just enough to cover their bills. They consider us wealthy, but we don't have nearly as much money as some others.
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4 Feb 07
I would consider being able to afford an iPod for your birthday and not going into bankruptsy wealthy.. I consider myself pretty poor. The money i make off mylot i consider it aylot of money. and i only make like 30 cents a day if I'm lucky. I'm not a big old poor fat guy i'm not old enough to get a job and i dont get allowance. psh don't tell anybody. But yea, if you drive a corvette you're wealthy. If you can go to a resteraunt every week, you're wealthy. If you can buy 100 dollar shoes, you're wealthy. But I'm only talking about being wealthy in money. You can also be wealthy in many other things. such as culture, education, health, spirituality, family and friendship.
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