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relations - loving someone
February 4, 2007 2:06am CST
what u will do if u love someone but ur parents dont want dat person to be in ur life
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@dienutza (449)
• Romania
4 Feb 07
you should think well about that person because if your parents don't like him then that means that they have a good reason to think that and you should look more careful at him.When parents don't like your boyfriend(i can say) that means that you introduced him and his behavior or look of him bothered them and they told you to leave him alone because he's not good for you and in that moment you should think more careful when you let a boy enter in your life and you accept him as your boyfriend...luck;)
• India
4 Feb 07
dey didnt meet him, whn i told dem dat i love somone ma dad didnt say anything n mom askd me his caste n dats it,dey jst giv me d excse dat he is nt of our caste n wt all others will say in d family[i hv a joint family] dats only y dey r against dis relation
@ainee82 (618)
• Philippines
4 Feb 07
for one thing. how old are you? before you do anything drastic like romeo and juliet kind of drasticness.. why do your parents don't want this person in your life. if he's really all nice they will eventually like him. find out every single detail that you can get to know why they don't like him and also try to find ways to make them like him. you have to take these in consideration. i have just watched curse of the golden flower. one of the parts of the story there was a guy and girl being stopped for their affairs. but then they wouldnt. the girl was saying that the guy's feelings are true and that he does really love her. what they didnt know was that they were brothers and sisters.. twisted right? but what if? right? it's making you paranoid right?
• Australia
4 Feb 07
your parents are probably just looking out for you, but maybe you could talk to them and explain how strongly you feel for this person and ask them to try and get to know them better.