Tired of Managers Who Give The Run Around About Getting a Job!

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February 4, 2007 2:33am CST
Has anyone had as much problems with managers as my sister and me have these past few months? It started with Starbucks. We both wanted jobs at different ones (NOT allowed to work together!) and so we got managers who would string us along for WEEKS and NOT tell us they DIDNT want us to work there! I had a manager seem to like my school schedule and then set up a second interview with the assistant manager who liked me too it seemed, next thing you know they ARENT hiring me because of my schedule? WHY not tell me that originally? Why act so different suddenly? It gets worse. I am trying to get a job at a bookstore. It took them 3 weeks to finally call me, but they lost my application. I kept calling, I came and filled out my third application for the same place. Finally they set me up with an interview. The manager pretty much gave me the job if they could fit me in the schedule. She tells me "I will call you THIS week!". I wait and wait. Come Thursday, 4 days later, she says I didnt answer a question she wanted and said the other manager wants to speak to me. She says Thursday "I WILL call you tomorrow!" again for sure. She DOESNT call me Friday. Come today it took me calling every 30 mint 5 times before she called me back. Now I have another interview set up for next week. My sister has had ones too. Starbucks a manager who was gonna hire her, then say on the phone she didnt know and then finally no. She has a manager for Old Navy keep telling her to call in a few days and dragging it out. She gets to call again next Tuesday! We JUST moved down here almost 3 months ago. It wasnt that bad ever to get a job in our other area. Why do they play games? Does anyone know? Seriously!
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@wrdsofwisdm (1070)
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4 Feb 07
They seem to be keeping you and your sister in a holding pattern while they keep interviewing other people. It's not right to make you wait so long and then hand you a line of bull. You could send an email to the owners describing your experiences with their hiring staff. Who knows...maybe one of them will get fired and you can interview for their job. Now that would be justice.
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