"An addict will always be and addict"..agree or disagree?

February 4, 2007 2:58am CST
A very famous line in my country. My friends, parents and some of the people i know they are using this line. They use this as an analogy when someone commits a mistake and you give them a second chance there will still a time that they will do it again..Is this true?That once you committed a mistake you wil not change anymore..I mean is that a part of our nature already. Like the criminals or convicts, do they really deserve a second chance?..Do we have the right to judge the person by his or her acts?...Even in a relationship, if your partner cheated on you for the first time will you still forgive her and accept her with arms wide open?..But if you will accept him is the trust whole again?... I'm reading all response..thanx..
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