Has anyone ever notice the way a seagull flies on a cold and windy day?.

@wings33 (230)
United States
February 4, 2007 3:49am CST
I was depress one day and went to the lake to watch the gulls. The sky was grey and overcast. It reminded be of a watercolor painting. The gulls would glide with the wind, sometimes trying to hold their balance, or appeared sometimes to be stationery in the air, then dip down vertically toward the water and then glide back up, vertically. I don't know if the were looking for food in the lake or not. It was very interesting and spellbinding the way they were flying. They would do this repeatedly. After watching this beautiful flying for a while I felt a little better and went on my way. Has anybody ever notice gulls or any other birds flying beautifully?
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