HELP..!! I need opinions...

February 4, 2007 4:51am CST
My dad just called and we kinda argued. It started with the fact that my new semester which will be the last semester in my college is starting tomorrow. So I told him. He said he has no funds yet and indicate that I should stop studying. I can't object cuz I don't wanna burden him and somehow I have seen this coming ever since the last time we talked about my tuition fees. So I said I will witdraw from college which means that my student visa will be terminated once I've finished the withdrawal. I am supposedly to finish my college in 3 years, but I fail few subjects which means I have to add another half a year. The second time my dad called today, he was saying if my visa until june this year, why should I terminate my student visa? I was trying to explain that the reason why my student visa is valid is because I am stuying and once I withdraw, it will be terminated by the college. But seems like he can't understand this. ANd start saying that my college is such a liar, cuz they wanna cheat the tuition fees money. Cuz he said if I have failed, I should have been kicked out. Why they din kick me out? OH MY GOODNESS, that's the lamest idea he could ever came up with for feeling bad cuz I have to stop studying. We argued because of that. I know I shouldn't blame him, but somehow I am so sad that I can't finish what I have started. It's just one last semester. I don't know where should I find the tuition fees fund. I wanna talk to my mom and see whether she can come up with the money or not. But then, she has a lot of problems lately because of my bro. I don't wanna burden her. Should I talk to my mom? Or should I just withdraw? Gosh... I am so sad...
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• Philippines
4 Feb 07
Gosh it is really sad that you'll almost finish your college yet can't pursue it because of that problem. I would like to suggest that you better talk to your mother about it. Who knows, she can make the money even she has some problems with your brother. Nothing will lose if you try it. Good luck to you.
• Malaysia
4 Feb 07
I have talked to her. She said she will send me the money, and she has talked to my dad as well. I feel so useless.. I am 22 y.o yet I can't even pay for my own tuition fees. It's hard for me to find job as i am foreigner and not allowed to work.