have u experinced dejavu????

February 4, 2007 6:38am CST
hey people have u seen dejavu...have u experinced dejavu...well i have had lot of experinces...especially like people crossing us and we actully have seen it before....pls dhare urexperince....
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• Portugal
6 May 07
Déjà vu is a really strange experience. I had some déjà vu like being in a new place and think I have been there before.
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@SignMe (1031)
• India
4 Feb 07
Even I think I had experienced it lot of times. But I am not sure whether it is dejavu or normal. How you dfine dejavu?
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• United States
8 May 07
Yesss all the time..almost every day of my life.,sometimes its so freaky it scares me..like..when i was little i had all these dreams..and something about them was soo interesting..i remembered them al, and now over the past few years....POOOF! my dreams are alive! and the dreams range from me being,age 5 and up..and now im 34 and i remebmer them like yesterdaywhen they happen.and lately my dreams are getting closer..like within months,,its really weird isnt it?