My pom has black skin

Chatu - Chatu is my pretty pomeranian. She's very spunky and witty. I bought her when i was in Thailand. She's over 4 years old.
@sofala (35)
February 4, 2007 7:14am CST
are you familiar with this kind of skin disease with poms? My poor baby keps shedding her coat. I'm frantically trying to find ways to cure it. I sent her to my boyfriend's unle who's a breeder so he can take care of her. I've tried using medicated shampoos and everything. Its just so frustrating. Her coat is balding and sometimes you'd see waxy clumps of what seems like flaky skin. So i'd ty to take it off of her when i give her a bath, and her skin turns red lke it hurts.*sob*
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