Is There That One Annoying Person In Your Life!!!!

@cabergren (1181)
United States
February 4, 2007 9:20am CST
The annoying person in my life is my husbands brother. He is in apparently in love with his phone and uses it constantly to call us. He usually calls us about 2 to 3 times a day. And my husband works with him everyday for 8 to 10 hours a day. So its not like he doesn't see him. And he calls for stupid reasons, like what are you watching on tv. If my husband isn't home I usually won't even answer when he calls. And of course he calls at very bad times. When you are right in the middle of something. I think he calls because he is bored. I told his wife she should keep him busy with stuff around the house. Do you have someone who just drives you crazy??? Who are they and what do they do???
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• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
6 Feb 07
Yes i do have one person i can think of that drives me crazy. She is one of my best friend's wife. she is a bit dominant, which is fine because my friend is very calm and such, so i am sure that it works for them two as a couple. The problem is that she thinks she can believe like that with everyone, and of course i don't have any intention with putting up with her bossy attittudes, and i've let her know very clearly, reason why we don't like each other much lol. Moreover, she is incredibly outspoken to talk about other's problems or to ask delicate questions, but when some minimal form of criticism is aimed to her she always over reacts and gets mad very easily, so i have decided to give up on her and ignore her, since my friend is still my friend and it would be stupid to lose him with an arguement with his wife. Do you think i am doing the right thing?
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@AskAlly (3627)
• Canada
6 Feb 07
HMMMM pretty tough when it's one of the inlaws huh? I have the same problem with my brother in law. I just can't abide him. He is my husbands "little" brother and they work together as well. I can't figure out how they came from the same gene pool. He is so ignorant and selfish it is no wonder he never got married. When he comes over it is all I can do to not scratch his eyes out. I would but that means I'd have to touch him. BLECH!! I just say good night guys and go up to bed.
• Philippines
4 Feb 07
If there is one annoying person in my life, that would be my neighbor. He blasts his stereos to full volume everyday not minding other people. Sometimes when it is time to rest, he still turns it on to full blast. I confronted him one time and yelled at him. Now we have a quiet neighborhood nut i still hate him.
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@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
9 Apr 07
Well, it sounds to me like he needs a hobby or something else. Thankfully, I don't have anyone that does that to us.
• Canada
18 Oct 07
The most annoying person in my life has got to be my brother's girlfriend. Boy is this woman a piece of work...they have been together almost a year and they have never spent time at her place because she keeps her apartment like a dump. She is completely neurotic and is extremely attached to her junk. Her place is so filled with garbage that she can't accommodate visitors, as there is nowhere for them to sit or be comfortable (her place is literally a dump!) As a result, she has spent nearly every single night for the past year at our place (my brother and I share a flat). But even that I could tolerate, if it wasn't for the fact that she is rude, self-centred, has the most shrill, annoying voice which always seems to carry louder than anyone else who's speaking. She tells people what to do, she imposes her personality on everyone she comes in contact with, meaning if she likes something done a certain way, she insists on everyone else doing it that way too, regardless of hoe they feel. She is always right and does not own up to her mistakes. When I confront her about her BS, she runs to my brother to tell on me like a child. She has managed to annoy and/or irk nearly everyone in my family, and nearly every one of our friends who has met her. The only person who doesn't see how much of a twit she is is my brother (who is obviously thinking with his other head!). She puts stuff in our fridge or cupboards and leaves it there to rot. She has caused plenty of tension and severe arguments between my brother and me. My brother and I almost cut each other out of our lives because of her. But does she care? Nope! She's got him wrapped around her finger. He cooks for her, brings her breakfast, brings her coffee and coddles her every whim. Just the other night they cooked a meal together, but she left him to do all the dishes, while she sat and relaxed! My brother works all day! She works part-time and collects welfare. She was at my mom's for Thanksgiving and enjoyed eating all the delicious food my 72-year old mother slaved away at all day, but when it came time to clean up, everyone helped but her. She just sat on the couch and relaxed. This woman needs to be taken down a notch and you bet I itch to be the one to do it!!! :-[