why bother to even respond.

February 4, 2007 11:01am CST
Look folks, I understand some of us just reply to posts to up our ratings, or for something to do. And I understand by replying to my discussions you are helping me make money. HOWEVER with that said, if you aren't going to read the post, and just reply with a silly one liner, or "what was that about", I am not going to rate your reply. Seriously if you can't understand it, don't comment to it. It wastes my time to rate your comment, and it wastes someone elses time having to scroll by your lame reply. Thanks.
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@crud3w4re (155)
• United States
4 Feb 07
Agreed. What is up with people that do this .. my gawd
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@Agimat (355)
• Philippines
4 Feb 07
Heh nicely said. Don't let them get to you, don't waste your energy. There will always be people like that. The good news is, though I'm sure you already know this, is that there are a lot of great people here that really take the time to respond to discussions in a helpful manner. Thanks for making a discussion that is worth replying to.
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@saintz87 (439)
• Singapore
5 Feb 07
I must agree with you itsjustmeb, people who just reply a responses for the sakes of the earnings are ought to be given a negative rating. Personally, i detest one liners who give yes, i agree, no, answers without any reason, back up opinion, or even elaboration. They are like totally wasting our space in the discussion and at the same time, killing our discssion by posting a single post. That is partly why they reason we only have few responses after hours, even days. I would never permit myself from giving a one-liners. I have showed my great concern in another discussion concerning this as well. -=Hate one liners=-