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February 4, 2007 11:14am CST
This one poem that i wrote a few years ago. I'm trying to see what everyone thinks about my poems because i've got a ferw of them and if they are good enough then maybe i'll put them all together and try to get a book out of them. The only think that i can seem to right is love poems so please bear with me if you've read the other poem that i put up. Ok befor i write this one i want to warn everyone that i can't spell that good. Dreams You and I sitting together on a swing We are swinging into the night We are in each other's arems sitting by candle light. Our love over came the fight Our lonelieness forgoten Our family merged into one Happy is the word to explain the way we feel The kids are gone and we talk of things we over came Together we find the streangth Streangth from each other as well as our selves Love has leed the way To this warm wonderful night With no interuptions in site We end this with falling asleep while in each other's arms The swing still swinging in the summer breeze.
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@rumild (46)
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10 Feb 07
Just read your poem .. not bad, thats what i like about poetry .. it tells a story .. however, you should run a spell check before posting .. the spelling errors take away from your writting . Keep up the work.
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