what are you afraid of?what is your phobia?

@soorimd (301)
February 4, 2007 11:42am CST
people are afraid of many things. some fire,some crowd some empty spce others of heights. i am basically afraid of closed plcaes and am not comfortable with locked places. i get a feelig what if the lock is malfunctiong and cant open the door etc. do you get such weird ideas?
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• Philippines
7 Feb 07
i am afraid of the dark at the same time have phobias with snakes,cockroaches and bullfrogs.
@jhoanee (599)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
before i was afraid to sleep alone at home, it really scared me knowing that im the only one in a particular house but i now that im living alone i get to enjoy it. i had overcome my phobia which i think is a good sign. one thing that scares me that is still in me since i was a kid, im afraid of heights i dont know why but when im in a high place a look down it really scared me a lot.
@babyreyn (934)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
I am afraid of heights. I am afraid of a guy wearing black attire with a chain on his pants, have earings and tattoes. I felt that they will do something bad, will spark a problem. I am afraid to cross on the highway.
@ashjoe76 (1434)
• India
4 Feb 07
I am afraid of heights. If you have seen the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, you will a person like me there :) But I don't think it's so serious. When I stand on top of a tall building or a bridge and look downwards, I feel like my head spinning, but it lasts only for a few seconds, and I manage to get adjusted to the situation pretty fast. The worst case where my fear had to be made public was when I climbed a lighthouse. I reached a stage where moving in director became simply an impossibility. It took around twenty minutes for me to come back to my normal self. So, I avoid lighthouses now:)