abhishek or hrithik???????

February 4, 2007 2:23pm CST
abhishek bachchan and hrithik roshan both are immensely talented.........but who do u think is the future superstar of the indian cinema........is it abhishek who has given a performance of lifetime in his movie guru.....or is it hrithik who has already created waves for his variations in acting in his films like koi milgaya,krrish or in dhoom 2........wats ur opinion????
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• India
4 Feb 07
Well i think both are the gems of Bollywood industry.both have there own qualities.there is not comparison of the two as both of them are very good in there own terms But i think Hrithik is much more better than Abhishek at this point of time as Hrithik had more hits to his name.Hrithik knows dancing better than abhishek bachchan..infact there is no dancer in the industry right now who can match hrithik roshan.Hrithik is muscular so he can look better in action movies and has a damn good persona for a romantic actor.He is not that good at comedy as it turns into over-acting but abhishek is also weak at that point due to his intense face cut especially.Guru is fantastic but he still have to match Hrithik in many terms.Both of them have to go a long way so lets wish them luck.....
@mamatika (225)
• Australia
19 Feb 07
agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i totaly agree with you.
• India
13 Apr 07
hrithik......... it ws abhi 4 me earlier but afta dhoom 2 no doubt hrithik is faaaaar better thn abhi!!
• India
5 Mar 07
Hrithik is far better than Abhishek.... and in no ways Abhishek can cross him.. But yes Abhishek Rocks in his qwn way. but Hrithik is the future of Bollywood and He is the new King....
@sunny1984 (640)
• India
26 Feb 07
Yes Its OK that u say. as per my thinking the future superstar of the indian cinema should be Hrithik only I dont think that Abhishek can go ahead of Hrithik.On the other hand Abhishek is also not bad but as compared to Hrithik.....
@sham_mdk (436)
• India
4 Feb 07
I love hrithik,he will be the future superstar and he has good personality than abhishek.My alltime favourite is hrithik an i support only him as my hero.........
@priti45 (372)
• India
4 Feb 07
I would say Hrithik Roshan. He looks really good compared to Abhishek Bachchan also he has done many diffrent type of roles like you said. Fiza, Krish, Lakshya, Koi mil gaya, Dhoom 2. He dances very well too. So in every way Hrithik is the best.
@nykohl (21)
• Canada
4 Feb 07
I'm going to go with Abhishek, not only because he is a magnificent actor, but because he also has the ability to ride on his father's waves. There's no one out there like Amitabh Bachchan.