Can it make you idealistic ?

February 4, 2007 2:38pm CST
okeay!Can loving oneself make you idealistic about what you deserve?or what you will tolerate?or what you know you want? can it Anonymous make you over protective about yourself?
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4 Feb 07
Hi! I'm not so sure if I get your question right but the topic looks interesting for me. Anyway, if you were asking if loving myself makes me more idealistic, like let's say I feel that I deserve the best or let's say I am very protective about myself, then I am very idealistic to the point of being a perfectionist. I hope I got that right. If that's the case, then I should say yes. Sometimes, how we see ourselves is also how we see the world around us. It would be difficult for me to trust someone if I don't trust myself to start with. A better example is this: Let's say I love myself and I don't want myself to get hurt. This makes me more choosy of the mate I'm going to marry, which makes me set my standards high. I would set high ideals (making me idealistic then). I cannot tolerate anything else because what I want is what I believe to be good for me. I hope I got to answer your question.