The Wiggles

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February 4, 2007 2:55pm CST
I think the Wiggles are a good educational video and show to watch.My soem just loves the wiggles.I think everyday he has to watch the wiggles.Sometimes it seems my son has an obsession but then again sometimes we have stuff we like to do maybe a little to much like I like to play on a game site I signed up for in December that you get points from playing if your numbers match when you get 25000 points(or you can go higher and redeem for a higher amount giftcard up to 100.00)you can cash out for a gift card amount of 25.00.I reedeemed my first giftcard of a 25.00 Wal-Mart giftcard.Anyways I have got my son finally into the Backyardigans as well as playing games on V-Smile and reading books(which he loves to read I think he taked that from me.).
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4 Feb 07
i love the wiggles when my daughter was younger and even now at 5 i didnt let her wtahc tv. the only thing that she could watch was blues clues and then i saw the wiggles one day and i enjoyed the show and let her add that to her tv time. i think that they are great! funny, educational it teaches lots of different things from health to math to basic preschool and kindergateners. Now my daughter doesnt watch so much blues clues anymore instead she watches the backyargdians as well and that show i also enjoy watching with her, another great show for children to watch is the wonderpets. it teaches manners, how to help others sharing and other important things like that. some kid shows arent in my opinion good to watch becaulse they dont teach values, but these ones do!
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@Carrie26 (1587)
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5 Feb 07
I agree my son loves the Backyardigans too.He has a couple of Dvds of them he watches the wonder pets once in awhile.the wonder pets do seem to teach manners.