February 4, 2007 3:21pm CST
Where can i get a loan from if i have horrible cedit. I need to pay off debt commited by my ex-husband. who left our son and me stranded. i have a good job yet it will not assist me in paying off debt because if my job found out they would kick me out. please help me i am in dire need. my grandmother passed three months ago and what little money i had saved is gone. please help me if anyone can i am begging for help.
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@itgalary (633)
4 Feb 07
loan is interesting...i need to know how to take a loan that need not be repaid.
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• Japan
4 Feb 07
If you find a place wher eyou can please let me know.
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• India
5 Feb 07
Niki, I suggest you to make friends from Japan, who are registered in Mylot. It might be possible for them to guide you through best channel. You can locate users from your country by "Users by location" in left bottom of Mylot web page. Right now there are 73 users from Japan. God bless you!
@classy56 (2883)
• United States
25 Apr 07
you can try this is for people with bad they loan money to people in japan. you can type in "japan bad credit loans" in your web broswer an find alot of diffrent companys they may be able to help you. i wish you good luck.
@Zaphenath (102)
• Philippines
25 Apr 07
I believe that many banks offer different kind of loans like salary loan. If you have existing loan or debt, its unlikely you will be approved for a loan. If you have relatives that can lend you some money then go for it. I know that you have a good job but whats the purpose of having one if you cant do anything about your situation. I you want to pay off your debt then you have to sacrifice even it means losing you job. If you can borrow from friends then you that not bad either. You can get them to loan for you but you have to give them assurance for your payment. I am very sure there are ways to get money.
@racsface (122)
• Malaysia
5 Feb 07
i do believe in your country must have people who doing personal loan.the illegal one could be easy, no guarantor needed but sure have a risky. if u dont pay at certain time given you might get hurt. should have no problem if you pay in time.
• Australia
5 Feb 07
I think you can go to a bank or a credit union and apply. I also think it's got nothing to do with your employer.