43,225 people have done it, have you?

@pcsrao (78)
October 11, 2006 3:19am CST
want success? The secret to success? Here it is.. the mc2 formula (not Einsteins' e=mc2) teaches you. Want to know more? Here goes the Mind Control 2 Success formula When you have a perfect mind control strategy, you have a perfect control over your mind. And when this is accomplished, there is almost no reason why you cannot achieve success at anything you do. From astrophysicists, to plumbers, everyone has used it to accomplish benefits that they never dreamed of! Sample: One affiliate marketer who started out as a broke with $56,879.88 in debts used it. And guess what happened? He is now the owner of 23 websites that rake in profits of $27,000+ every month. He says, he has just started now! "Ghosh," I said! MC2 formula, yes!!
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