Words and phrases that you hate.

United States
February 4, 2007 8:44pm CST
What are some words, or phrases that you hear people say a lot but you absolutely hate? Can I be honest - if you have to state that before a sentance, does that mean you usually lie? Can I ask you a question? - Uh you just did. LOL. ROFL. WTF. - please please please don't do any web speak while you're talking to me. don't indicate that you want to laugh by saying el oh el. Just laugh. and as for WTF, just don't spell it. just say it! What the F*ck has less syllables than WTF. and it's fun to curse. I heart you - again with the web lingo. I work at a mall so I hear tons of pre-teen kids saying that they heart these earrings and spelling out LOL. Excessive use of the word "and" or "but" when you should have started new sentences instead. People will say this extremely long paragraph, but it's all in one long sentance. No. Just no. Your turn.
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@darckj (885)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
you mentioned about "can i ask you a question?".. that is one thing.. some are these: are you okay? [what if im not?] are you asleep? [yes i am asleep!] is that true? [you don't believe me.] i want to tell you something... never mind about it.. [okay!]
@misskatonic (3727)
• United States
5 Feb 07
How do you have a single conversation and not explode from annoyance? Most of what you've listed - save for the spoken chatspeak - are some of the most common linguistic markers in American English today. They're ingrained in normal speech pattern, almost to the point of being national vernacular. I'm not being sarcastic or rude or anything like that, I'm legitimately curious as to how you manage. The things that get on my nerves have thankfully fallen out of common usage!