What are Trogen Horses?

@Thiru178 (460)
Sri Lanka
February 4, 2007 9:41pm CST
I have encountered a lot of problem due to various Trojen Horses. Are they viruses or some new type of programs.
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@Apakshit (21)
• India
6 Feb 07
Trojen horses are the most dedly of all viruses,they slow down your system little by little and finally destroy all the important data on the pc.
@pdsjkt (44)
• Indonesia
6 Feb 07
Trojan horse is a kind of virus. But differ with virus, trojan horse is malicious program (sometimes called the payload or 'trojan') encapsulated by other program, which is usually useful or interesting programs. If u remember the history, this is the same. Moreover to antisipate this trojan, just use AV and update it regularly. Don't forget not to visit the "xxx" website. This website often contains hamrful program such as a virus and trojan of course.
@istanto (8565)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 07
virus and trojan horse is different, trojan horse is more like spy programs it can make your computer as spam zombie. trojan horse was not new people already know it many years ago.
@Mikaelo (191)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
Actually, it's called TROJAN HORSE or TROJAN VIRUS a.k.a Backdoor Viruses. Why backdoor? Because if you're familiar with the Greek Mythology story "The Fall of Troy" or the movie "TROY", they used the wooden horse in order to penetrate the high and mighty gates of Troy. Just like the wooden horse, the Trojan Virus is a program which disguises itself in order to infect your system...posing as a friendly program in a form of e-mail attachments well in fact, they are destructive.