Why does God allows different religions with different believes?

February 4, 2007 10:01pm CST
The three main religions... Judaism... Christianity and Islam... all believe in God but have different rules when it comes to represent God and preach his name. Would that not confuse God and give him a migraine? I know that it does give me a migraine... Which is why I am searching for an answer.
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
5 Feb 07
If god exists it would give him a Holy migraine. Now, a little more seriously. If you research, and probably many answers here in this discussion will reflect this, you will find people that : 1) Believe theirs is the only true religion and they are right. 2) Believe that god's house has many roads each is more appropriate for different kinds of people. 3) People that have lack of belief in gods existence. I will start with the 3. The people of option 3 are of the least (if any) interest for you. The people of option 2 will find absolutely no support , as far as I know, in any revelead religion holy book , because all holy books, that I know, claim to be the true one and any others are fake. Yet they believe on this, perhaps wishful thinking, perhaps they are more based on some oriental ideas that have such claims, and others like reincarnation The people of option 1 are the usual zealots/fundamentalists, narrow minded people. I am from the option 3, I am an atheist, and if you would ever consider my opinion, I think you should read a lot about religions, their origins, their meanings, and conclude about them, and choose what you feel better with. In the end it is only a matter of choice.
@idrob2006 (317)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 07
God gives human an option to choose which way to follow Him. If you feel you are more comfortable in Islam, then do it properly and obey His words. Or perhaps you feel more comfortable in Christian, then do it properly too. Religions are not created by God, but human who interprated the God's words differently