@datir1 (503)
February 5, 2007 12:02am CST
is ur relation is good to neighbour?
2 responses
• India
5 Feb 07
I thnk that the relationship oy urs with ur neighbour shud be good because it will help you a lot when you are in a great need... Also dont forget to help ur neighbour when the need arises... U dont know when and where does the need arises and who is going to help you at that time... And on my part, I have a good relationship with my neighbours..
@jhrcsr (349)
• United States
5 Feb 07
My neighbors are all very nice. We are not the best of friends, as we are all different ages, but we check up on each other's property when one of us is out of town, we help each other when we can, and we have short conversations when we see each other outside.