How is you 6th sense working these days?????

February 5, 2007 1:17am CST
I have a good 6th sense that i feel. But it sometimes fails to work properly. And at time its good unexpectedly. What about yours one and does it work right at the right time????...
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• Philippines
14 Jul 07
Last summer I had a terrible dream, I was running from something, I am with a group of people. The surroundings were so vivid, and from what I remember it has something to do with my car. As soon as I came to my senses I visited an autoshop. Had the car checked, darken the tint, placed an alarm. I was somehow trusting my dream that its giving me a warning. anyway, that same week when i was eating at a resto,a snatcher grabbed my bag.we were running after him,but he got away.Police came to ask me to report this at the station. while we were on our way,the place LOOKED EXACTLY as how i dreamt it. even the police station. Its true that i went there bec my bag was snatched and my car keys are there,wallet,id,even house keys...i was afreaid that they can open my car..SOMETIMES NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRY TO RESIST OUR SIXTH SENSE, I STILL THINK THAT IT WOULDN'T EXIST FOR NO REASON AT ALL..TRUST IT.
• India
5 Feb 07
hey whts ur 6th sense mostly time i geuss something and mostly time i m right. and i never wear watch but whenever anybady ask to me time i give answer and my answer aproxmatly right. is it my 6th sense. and mostly time i feel something and thats true next day or same day. Ex. i thought my friend never wear jeans. and i thought why she not wear jeans. and i see next day she comes in jeans.