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February 5, 2007 1:24am CST
the catholic church refuses to conduct a mass for the funeral of someone who has committed suicide (given that they are not supposed to judge anyone), yet catholic priests allow the confessions of serial murdereres, rapists (and even those who has done a lot of killings) in the death row right before they sit on the electric chair...knowing that their repentance can lead to nothing since they are only minutes away to death.. why is that so?
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@rx4life (1933)
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5 Feb 07
I can't tell you why they don't as I am not a student of Catholisism(sp)...but I think it is because they consider it a mortal sin..and they feel that conducting a mass for someone that hasn't the ability to confess and repent since they have already taken their life would be against their religious beliefs...I find it ridiculous...especially in light of the molestation that is proven to be done by some Catholic priests against children...those priests have masses said for them when they's all about the repenting and the confessing and asking forgiveness...and it's the churches "rule"..and it falls similarly with things like no same gender weddings in some churches even if their state law allows it..Organized religions are bound by their laws and they have followers that believe in those laws and would not belong if the churches broke their own rules...( except covering up the names of priests caught molesting children seems to be an exception)...