Hindu Shivsena Bal Thackeray mocks, redicules Hon'ble Indian President Kalaam !

February 5, 2007 3:27am CST
On Sunday, I enjoyed watching an old Hindi movie "Parvarish" on the national channel. I noted a freak scene where Neetu Singh in her attempt to run away after stealing things from a store accidentally ran into ShammiKapoor, Police Inspector and drops the bottle on the ground. At one moment one could see the bottle lying intact on the ground. The next moment the scene changes which shows the entire liquid spilled all over the ground. How come ? A freak shot that ! Everything in this world is freak, even the nuclear spread with defiant Iran inching towards Bomb too got its act ignited through the reckless acts of commissions and omissions of Bhatiya Janata Party (BJP) of India. When BJP formed a coalition under the NDA during the nineties, none expected it to explode Pokhran I & II making the nation more risk-prone. This very decision to let India go nuclear was wrong and as a result, the dialogue with Pakistan has been chilling and simmering for years with no solution in sight. The nation did not require such an ammunition at that point of time and it was not prudent on the part of the BJP to have taken the country to such abominable lengths. Their calculation that the country could set at naught Pakistani attempts to arm-twist only misfired the wrong way with tension on the border ever on the rise. The decision expected to take India to a vantage point for better coordination of talks achieved the opposite. Maintaining neighbourly relation calls for a certain amount of restraint which this communal party failed to adhere to. The decision was very impulsive and deserved to be condemned. For, with that decision came the blow of Pak also becoming nuclear and just for the heck of it, A.Q.Khan went shopping, rather make retail outlets to North Korea, Iran and some other Muslim countries who are today flexing their muscles. Rest is all history. Even the present talks for a gas pipeline from Iran through Pakistan is wrought with dire consequences and the country needs to rethink on its long-term strategies !
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