to quit or just not go??

@p_i123 (486)
October 11, 2006 4:50am CST
to quit or just not go?? i just got a new job..and i hate it...ive only worked about 3 days but i hate it..i dont want quit because thats not who i am..but i hate this job so much...i wanted to cry last night..they never tell me when i get boss is just like well why dont you just go hom for now..yea! idiot!...everyone is really mean...i know its just because im new but other new girls feel the same way...were not learning anything were just thier slaves...i didnt think being a waitress would be this hard....its not the people ..its the ones who work there..they act like its a crime to be nice....not only that but the place isnt very clean one cleans anything! when i start to pick things up they ***** at me because im not "following" one will talk to me and let me know what i can or cant do they just let me get yelled at...i hate it...i dont know if i should maybe stick around to see if things get better ..or just quit..
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