cats and dogs

@yahooguy (508)
February 5, 2007 3:53am CST
what would you prefer a dog or a cat and way ....would you prefer a cat or a dog .....what is the reason???????????????????????????????????????????????????
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@ezzrssi (11195)
• Italy
5 Feb 07
i prefer dogs and i have a german shepard
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• Australia
5 Feb 07
Well, I'm a complete sucker for both. Currently having one dog and 4 cats. Love them all to pieces and in truth I probably couldn't imagine not having a cat and a dog. They both have there lovely qualities and benefits of both. However, if forced to choose I would have to say a cat. I've virtually always had a cat since I was really young and have always had a general fascination with cats. Not only pet cats but wild as well. They can always tell when something is wrong and you are upset, coming up to you and curling up with you. The feet warmer on the end of the bed at night (although dogs can do that as well.) The comfort they gave and our ability to pick them up to nurse them. You can play with them as well, so it's not like thats an added benefit of a dog. The only real added benefits of a dog I can think of is the watch dog/protection mentality of them, and the fact you can take them for a walk. So, cats it would have to be.
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