Lyrics or music? Which is more important?

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February 5, 2007 4:08am CST
Lyrics or music - which is more important for the success of a song. I think lyrics are more important. Songs with good music may become hits. But only songs with good lyrics will remain in our heart for ever.
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• Philippines
6 Feb 07
This is a really hard question to answer. Sometimes what makes a song particularly engaging can't just be traced to the melody or the lyrics. Sometimes it's the delivery of the artist; sometimes it's the arrangement; sometimes it's an instrument solo. I think both lyrics and melody go hand in hand in producing a beautiful song. Case in point, Sarah McLachlan's lyrics wouldn't be so poignant is she wasn't able to figure out a melody that perfectly catches the message of the words.
@Lunerian (493)
• Sweden
6 Feb 07
Well I'm a bit of a lyrics person so i think lyrics are crucial but that very much depends on music type and so on...
@blee92 (581)
• United States
6 Feb 07
lyrics because the lyrics are whats behind the music and if the lyrics isn't good, the song wont be good. and lyrics are usually very peronsail to who ever wrote them.
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
I'm a lyric fan myself....first I listen to the music if I like it good...then I read the lyrics and see what are the significance of such words. I most often can't relate with songs with beautiful lyrics.