what do you do when you are down and out miserable and oblivious to all around?

@Rosy001 (363)
South Africa
February 5, 2007 4:25am CST
i sleep or i go shopping. chill out sessions work wonders for me. have a spot close to the beach that i usually go to, soft music, beautiful setting ....what's more relaxing than that. of course someone once told me that they go into the rest room, lock the door and curse like there's no tomorrow. they come out feeling like a brand new person. or taking a tennis racket and bashing it into your bed or pillow and hitting out all that misery, frustration, anger etc. what do you do?
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@hopefoo (1145)
• Malaysia
5 Feb 07
I give my runner a call and have him deliver me a dimebag full of pot and then I sit in bed, toke it up good, pop a few xanax and forget about the world. Does that count? That's when I'm really down though. Other times, I go out to the movies, spend two hours in the dark alone and let the movie engulf my being. Or I eat KFC. I think KFC is the best comfort food ever.
@Rosy001 (363)
• South Africa
5 Feb 07
Yikeseby!!!! that's quite hectic. guess you probably have 'very bad' days then. well as long as you have other means as well instead of knocking yourself out cold. comfort foods are good. mine are chocolate, strawberry shakes and a mean slice of chocolate fudge cake. thanks for the response!
@skotdude (29)
• United States
21 Apr 07
Well I try to stay busy and do something productive or creative but creative can be a double edged sword especially if it doesn't come out right! Ha-Ha. But these are just feelings and everybody has them and they will pass.Sometimes quickly,sometimes slowly and sometimes it feels like forever and thats when I say I've had enough and that I don't have to feel this way becuase thats all it is. a feeling