Why does god pemit suffering?

October 11, 2006 5:36am CST
When disastes stike, destroyingpropety and claiming lives, many cannot understand why such teible things happen. Other ae troubled by theextent,cruelty andwantonness of crime and violence. You toomay have wondered,why does God permit suffeing? Because they have foun no satisfactory answer to this question, many have lost faith in God. They feel that he is not interested in mankind. Other who accept suffeing asafact of life become embittered and blame god for all the evil in human society. Godis not responsible for all this trouble, if a son lives house and face trouble, his father is not resposible. The bilbe clearly shows why there is suffeing and how it will end.
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@krishna183 (2286)
• India
21 Oct 06
simply because what appears suffering to you might not appear suffering to god .. we are no one to decide anything
• India
22 Oct 06
No my friend you are wrong. Gods do feel about how we feel because we are his creation. God knows all about us and he has promissed to make us happay and free of all sickness, war and all evils. take time and search this site www.watchtower.org i am sure you will find many good things that will change your life and find true happiness.