Excess sympathy for disabled people?

@shopkaro (284)
February 5, 2007 6:58am CST
does showing excess sympathy for disabled person is justtified it just make them more vulnerable to be dependent on others. so actually what must be done and in what way?
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5 Feb 07
Excess sympathy isn't excatly a bad thing. (imo) Least those who show this truly care and want to help. i personally try to avoid showing that i feel sorry for someone but this doesn't mean i won't lend a hand if needed. vulnerable to be dependent? not really. i think most will do it for themself and if they need support i'm sure they'll say. I'm amazed how so many are strong willed and this is what should be encouraged. What should be done? whatever they choose. if someone wants help or an helper so be it. (thats cool) if they don't then again thats fine. Kudos. ~Joey