first job

@raisushkr (1399)
February 5, 2007 7:27am CST
will u take up the fisrt job offered to you.would u not mind even if u payed less and made to work more. will u b able to reject the offer if so ??
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14 Feb 07
well if i wud not hav had any other option and if the company has a good repo i ll go for it as for experience sake
@cashnono (1135)
• Hong Kong
7 Feb 07
Ten Tips For Starting A New Job 1.Get to know people. First meet those people in your department and then those in departments you interface with. Listen more than you talk. Ask lots of questions and get clarification if necessary so you truly understand how the office/department/business works. 2.Don't try to change everything at once. Be open to learning "their" way before you suggest "your" way. 3.Get in synch with your bosses priorities. What are his/her expectations of you? Make sure you are living up to them. 4.Have lunch with different people in the organization. Learn the "unwritten rules" of your new workplace. 5.Learn about the culture. Seek out those people who have been there a long time and schedule time to talk with them. 6.Get to know the key players. Seek out people both inside and outside your area who have roles that are critical to your team's success. Ask for their support and offer yours to them. 7.Identify the critical challenges. Develop a plan that shows the way you will address your most critical challenges and the time frames that you expect completion. Share this with your boss. 8.Complete a project. Select at least one visible project to be completed within your first 60 days in the job. 9.Take care of yourself. Create a schedule for yourself that includes time off and good self-care. Changing jobs is stressful so include activities that you know reduce stress for you i.e. proper rest, exercise, good diet, family time etc. 10.Celebrate your success! Feel good about what you have accomplished. Confidence is an important part of your success in your job.
@Idlewild (6105)
• United States
7 Feb 07
After high school I was hired as a busboy at a local restaurant. I got fired after two weeks for being too slow. Fortunately, they had an opening as dishwasher/food prep guy the next week, so I ended up doing that. Later I got promoted to cook.
• India
5 Feb 07
Everyone i think will love their first job at least for the first six months even thought it may be taxing or even if they are paid less and made to work more. May be it is human tendancy to think first experience should not be forgotten and must be a fond memory.