Writing Books vs. Drawing Manga

SB and GB - Manga vs Books
@id62000 (207)
February 5, 2007 7:44am CST
I used to write books and have authored nearly a century of unpublished, unending works in writing. Then, I read mangas...and couldn't express myself in words as well as i used to. Now, i'm learning to draw mangas instead of writing books. In books, i lead the story to where i want it to go. In mangas, my lack of skill makes the manga lead me. As an author, i find expressions of a person/char difficult to express. You can't write 'He sweatdropped' in a story, or say 'said cat-eyed'. It doesn't seem english. But that's the expression i want my character to have. So, i feel writing is limiting my imagination to a great extent. This isn't true in all cases. I've found books that have great expressions (without sweatdropping or cat-eyes) which i would hold abouve any manga. Some books are more hilarious than mangas can be and others are more terrifying or emotion-expressing than mangas. But we say, the features of a face (especially the eyes) show true emotion. Maybe that's one reason mangas are more popular than books. As an author, magaka, fan or reader, do you feel the written work is more well expressed than mangas or vise-versa?
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@Jumpin (117)
• India
10 Feb 07
I love drawing mangas...and i know what you mean. I have a story in my mind, but something else comes on in my paper... I don't write books...just fanfics...i enjoy writing though...but i have too much writing work back in college...