wet ceiling, can't sleep

February 5, 2007 9:08am CST
I love owning a home. This is the second one my husband and I have lived in and owned and we want to be in this one for a long time. The kids have friends, we have friends. It's just I have trouble with house problems. I think we need more insulation in our attic - we have this small wet spot on our bedroom ceiling. Before this, last week, we noticed a great deal of condensation on our bathroom ceiling, ice on our windows. I would like not to feel like FREAKING OUT the moment something is up with the home - but I do. Today I have wandered the house, ignored my children (okay, they are fed and dressed), waiting to hear from companies I have left messages with who will come by and give us that ever painful estimate. My husband is so good at dealing with these kinds of issues. He slept like a log. I'm exhausted and worried. how do you deal with house problems? Better than I do?
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