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February 5, 2007 9:26am CST
i have always wondered if weejee boards have worked i have heard stories about it have you heard anything or have you tried it yourself has anyone you know tried it? does it really work or there just stories that people talk about?
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6 Feb 07
I wouldnt advise using an ouija board, I have heard that you can contact some spirits and entities but you can not control what kind or have any knowledge if they are good or bad. You dont want to open the door to something that could be negative on you and those you are with. My Job is as a paranormal investigator, so I investigate homes,businesses,etc for paranormal activity and I wont use ouija boards. If you do, please use caution and say a prayer for protection before and after. Hope this helps you!
6 Feb 07
i will take your advice i know a few people who were going to try it but ill tell them not to