February 5, 2007 10:34am CST
[b]Do we need to be educated in all those subjects that we don't admire at?Suppose I get in to a School, there are so many subjects that i need to study. but once i get into college(Graduate level) there are only few which i concentrate on. finally at PG level I am doing one and only one Subject.
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• Canada
2 Mar 07
theres actually a yes and no answer here. the first answer is no and the reason is problematic. If you check out how the post grad educational system is setup in order to have a good chance of getting into a college or university you first need good grades and an idea of what you want to do as a career, the problem is you need to build the foundation for those grades and career in highschool. IE the things you focus on in highschool are the things you will need the high grades in to get the college courses you want to get the career you want. highschool isnt setup this way though it is setup the way it was setup in the old days when it served the function of opening doors so you could decide where you wanted to go from there. in todays age where it is almost a nessecity to know what you want to do with your life by grade 11 and grade 12 definitly the dabble in everything approach hampers the effort of focusing on the subjects you really need. On the otherhand it is always wise to have at least a finger in every pie even if your never going to take a bite from 99% of them. having knowledge from a wide base of subjects is a good thing.
• India
2 Mar 07
Studying different kinds of subjects is just to gain knowledge..It s not neccessary to be talented in different subjects, but we should have atleast some knowledge in differnt subjects as it is necessary for our life.If we read d same subject, it will become a boring subject for us...
@danmike (58)
• Nigeria
5 Feb 07
i believe it is important for one to have a general knowlege of major subjects,not a jack of all trades kind of thing, but a general understanding that would help one in fitting himself or herself in the everyday life situations. at discussions with friends or new aquaintances,you could chip in your knowledge of the general so that you are not left out in the dicussion.
@shatman (727)
5 Feb 07
i think it is good that we have to study all the different subjects because then we open more doors and oppertunities for our futures, because if we only did a few subjects we would never know what we liked or didn't like as we wouldnt have an experience of them.