which one do u prefer... pepsi or coke??

pepsi or coke.. - which u want?
February 5, 2007 11:02am CST
i more prefer pepsi than coke for a reason that i don't know... hehe.. do u have any reason why use choose either one?
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• Malaysia
6 Jun 08
I prefer Pepsi more than coke.Although in Malaysia, many people love to drink coke,but I prefer Pepsi.... because I think that Coke is more gas than Pepsi.And it is little expensive than Pepsi...
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@metschica25 (5407)
• United States
6 Jun 08
Hey hey ;) My fiance loves pepsi . I like diet pepsi and just coke with lots of ice.
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@intermy (153)
• China
5 Jun 08
Hi there danoneism. I am like pepsi very very much. I drink 2 bottle a day. I do not know why I choose pepsi. But I feel pepsi's taste more great than coke. Do you also like pepsi?
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@sahar88 (250)
• Egypt
5 Feb 07
i like pepsi ..........
• Malaysia
6 Feb 07
yup.. no doubt bout it....!~
• Malaysia
20 Jul 08
coke for me i think. but it doesnt really matter. i can't really tell the difference between the two, i love both! if the place that i go to serve coke then coke it is, if not i'll just order pepsi..no biggie
• Canada
9 Jun 08
I don't particularly like pop, but once in a blue moon, I will be in the mood for a cola, at which time I'll have a coke before I'll have a pepsi. We've always had coke in the house, and I think it's a little bit stronger in taste than pepsi.
@panger (126)
• India
4 Jun 08
i prefer pepsi
@Moodyelf6 (129)
5 Feb 07
I prefer Pepsi. Not sure why, I just like the taste more!! Mind you, I've not had either for about 9 months as they made me really ill when i was pregnant, and i haven't dared try it again since junior arrived!! lol
@emquinsat (1059)
• Philippines
5 Feb 07
I prefer coke. Pepsi isn't as popular here in our place so opnly a few stores sell them. And I like the sweetness of coke. Although some say it's really bad for the health.